About Us

There are Several Pest Control services in Calgary but we know insects like nobody does and that’s why we have a diverse list of pest control services, from Pigeons to Bed Bugs and from Caterpillars to Bats, we can control every kind of insect and we have tools to remove it from every kind of workplace and house. Our diverse experience in the field makes us the best Pest Control Service in Calgary and our customers have always been 100% satisfied from our services!

If you have a garden in your house or a house near green zone, you may be having problems of insects crawling up on your windows and mosquitos, you should know that sometimes insects invade your house and they are so small that can’t be noticed but when they show up, it’s already too late as they have multiplied in dozens and will destroy your house unless you call Pest force! We at Pest force believe that everyone should stay clean and free of insects.

If you are confused about the price then you can try our free estimator to know how much it will cost you to get rid of all the insects from your life! We provide quality service in lowest price in Calgary and we provide our services happily to residents of Beltline, Brentwood, Hillhurst,Sunnyside, Huntington Hills, Bowness,  Signal Hill and more Our services are quick and we will exterminate all the insects from your house and you will be able to live in a healthy environment.

We provide variety of service solutions including Integrated Pest Management Solution, Commercial Pest Management Solution, for more information you can contact us and we provide total interaction on Social Media and Email so that you can have an insect free life!