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Calgary Bed Bugs Removal Service

Pest Force

The adult bed bug is oval shaped, 3/16? long, and a rusty brown colour. The bed bug is completely flat but becomes elongated as it fills with blood.



Scientific Name

Cimex Lectularius


The female bed bug can lay one to five eggs per day and 200-500 in her lifetime. The eggs hatch in the span of about 7 days and moults 5 times, taking a blood meal between each moult. Development time from egg to adult takes about 21 days.

At Pest Force Inc,, we provide proven solutions to removal of bed bugs in Calgary.

Bed Bugs in Calgary

The local city government is aware that many Calgaryions are
experiencing infestations of bed bugs as they spread throughout the
City of Calgary, including but limited to office and commercial space,
hotels, hospitals, public areas, shelters, housing, etc.

Bed bugs are not associated with unsanitary living conditions in rental properties but rather are primarily
spread as a result of:

  • Travel resulting in bed bugs unknowingly being brought into the rental premises in Calgary;
  • Resident and guest movement between rental properties within Calgary;
  • Non-reporting of infestations by residents resulting in the pests spreading to adjoining rental suites;
  • Non-compliance of residents with suite preparation for pest control treatment; and
  • Reuse of discarded furniture and mattresses.


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