Commercial Service

If you are running a Business in Calgary then you must be familiar with cleanliness of the city and it is essential for a business to run properly that it should be clean from inside out. The problem is bigger for restaurants, hotels and Café but no less for other business outlets. Every business should be clean. If your business is invaded by insects, even of very small kind, don’t take it casual as they will grow into a big party house for every kind of insect and your clients will stop contacting you.

We at Pest Force Calgary believe that every office, restaurant and place should be clean and bug free, our diverse experience in the field of extermination makes us one of the best Pest Controllers in the world! We have solution for every kind of insect and no matter wherever they are hiding, we will find them and we will eliminate them!

About 9 of every 10 employee says that they are bothered by insects in their office and if your office has insects, even small caterpillars or a bat hive  somewhere in store of your house, consider exterminating it before it’s too late. We provide free estimate for your business so that you can easily compare cost and call us without a worry as we are available on every social media.