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Pigeon Control

Pigeons have become the most serious bird pest associated with buildings. They can nest in a variety of protected locations, such as building ledges, signs, air conditioners, etc. Pigeons nest during all seasons when conditions permit. Pigeons feed on a variety of items such as garbage, vegetable matter, insects and handouts. The pigeons very acidic droppings can cause significant damage to equipment, painted surfaces, marble, limestone, etc. Droppings also can contain a variety of disease-causing bacteria, fungi, etc. Many of the parasitic mites associated with pigeons also bite humans.

The most important step in bird control work is to have the area inspected to determine the species, population size, location of problem, equipment required, etc. by a professional pest control company. Since there are a variety of methods that can be used to eliminate these birds, such as trapping, netting, spike systems, etc. it is important to have contact a pest control company to determine the right treatment for your location.

Services Offered

  • Structural inspections for pests
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  • Pigeon Control
  • Pest prevention consultation and service
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  • Insect Identification

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