Just two months ago I was sitting at a beach in Mexico, enjoying the sun and sipping Pina colada. Little did I know that my relaxing trip would lead to more problems than I left back home. Everything was going perfect. I got to stay away from Canadian winter and snow while enjoying the water and beach activities at the resort. What I did not know was that there were bed bugs at the place. The first day or two were fine, but as days went by I felt itchy yet I did not realize what was happening. It was only after I got back home and brought back the little pests that I got to know what Bed bugs are and what they can do to you!

I had thought that the itching sensation back in Mexico was due to some weather change or allergy. But when it did not go away after getting back I knew there was something wrong. I realized it was worse when I was in bed so I decided to take a closer look at my mattress. Maybe I had dropped some food crumbs on the bed and I needed to clean the sheets. I was still not grasping the severity of the situations. Upon close inspection of my bed I saw I had a big problem, I had pests in my home. I called Pest Force Company right away. Turned out that I had carried bed bugs on my luggage from my vacation spot. Before I knew it my things were being cleared out of the room and all the rooms were being inspected to ensure they had not spread anywhere other than my bedroom.

Professional bed bug removal
I did not know anything about bed bugs except that they spread fast if not taken care of right away. The people from Pest Force were courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They knew what was happened and what needed to be done to contain the situation. They were on top of things, starting with inspection of the entire house and then offering me a price quotation for their services. They had arrived as soon as I called them and told them about the problem. The exterminator showed me bed bugs under microscope and explained me what the consequences of having bed bugs were. He was nice and friendly and expertly explained what the solution was and how much it would cost me to get rid of the pesky problem. Once the terms were agreed upon they got to work right away. The problem areas were identified and the team got started to remove bed bugs efficiently. Not only did they remove bed bugs effectively but also ensured that they did not leave any bed bug eggs. They worked diligently to remove bed bugs in all areas. The heat treatment used was to eradicate any bugs present. Most importantly, the bed bug removal treatment was done safely without using any pesticides that would be harmful for us in any way. It was an easy and quick process without having to remove anything from the premises. The best part of it all was that the company did exactly what it promised and all at a reasonable price. There were no hidden charges that I had to worry about or any additional fees handed to me later. I have never had an easier service than this pest removal service from Pest Force.

Hiring Professional Pest Removal Companies
Our house is now bed bug free and we have gone back to our routines. I have made it my mission to urge people to check their surroundings properly when on vacation and if there is a need of bug, pest or rodent removal, I recommend Pest Force without any second thoughts to all my friends, family and loved ones. The key is to find the pests in early stages and not to wait to get rid of them through professional pest extermination service companies such as PEST FORCE.

Stop searching for how much does bed bugs removal cost, how much calgary pest control companies charge. Pickup the phone and call the pros at Pest Force now. You will be amazed by their prices and their professionalism.