Pigeons are gentle and beautiful birds. Visit the local park in your town and you will see hordes of them feeding by the water fountain. As a bird lover, you perhaps enjoy sitting on a bench and feeding the pigeons. In public places, birds provide you with entertainment and can add variety to an otherwise quiet afternoon. In your home, the reality is that they can be bothersome. These birds move as a flock, and if they happen to land in your garden, they could destroy it within no time. Besides, pigeons make noise with their cooing sounds. A few of these birds on your roof could cause to lose sleep all night. Moreover, their droppings can stain the roof, gutters or the walls of your house.

Pigeons In Calgary Alberta

Ridding your home of pigeons requires effort and use of tricks. Some of the popularly used methods include the use of scarecrows, plastic snakes, and fake owls. However, these determined birds soon figure out your actions and come back. The most appropriate thing to do is to hire pest control services. Here is why the use of pigeon control experts could work in your favor:

No Pigeons get harmed
Pest control experts are in this industry on the strength of their skills and knowledge on safe bird control practices. Surely, you do not want animal rights groups dragging you to court over the inhumane manner you use to rid your property of pigeons. Therefore, to avoid such issues all you need to do is to talk to an expert and have the matter sorted. These are highly trained people. City authorities issue them with licenses after a valid assessment of their capability. Eventually, the birds will keep off, and you get to enjoy a peaceful stay at home.

Little or no damage to your house
Some people may advise you to trim the branches where these birds have built their nests. Others may even tell you to use smoke as a deterrent measure. All right, fair enough. However, once reality sets in, that is when you realize the vanity of your actions. Your once beautiful landscape looks damaged since you cut off trees in a haphazard manner. Moreover, to smoke out your unwanted guests, you could end up staining your walls. However, pest control firms use methods that cause no damage to buildings.

Human and environmental safety
Homemade pigeon deterring methods can cause a few health hazards. Take for instance your attempt to remove the nests located near your roof. You will need to use a ladder several times. You can get injured in the process. On the other hand, some of the methods you use could end up harming the environment. Take smoke for instance. It is not only a nuisance to your neighbors but also causes environmental concerns. Pest control services make an assessment of the pigeon invasion before deciding on the most appropriate method of getting rid of them. Eventually, both you and the environment remain safe.

Longevity of bird deterrent solutions used
The use of scarecrows and other improvised methods is not only comical but also temporary. It takes a short while before these intelligent birds discover that you were only fooling them. They will come back and bring more birds with them. However, pest control experts adopt measures that last for more than a year. A good example is the trip wire that makes it difficult for pigeons to roost. The wire has a lifespan of 10 years or more depending on the quality of material used. Therefore, it would be prudent to go for the professional pigeon removal option. Here, you have the assurance that it will be long before you face another infestation again.

Value for money
With many pest control service providers to choose from, be confident that the people you hire will do a perfect job. Anything short of what you agreed upon and you can invoke the work guarantee clause in the contract. Either way, you get value for what you paid.