This year the winter in Edmonton has been a mild one. With warmer temperatures come bugs and insects that thrive in rising temperatures. More bugs will now be looking into nesting and growing in population. This can lead to more infestation problems in Alberta region as compared to harsh winter weathers when the infestation is minimal.

There has been a rise in bug and rodent infestation this year. More people are complaining about having to deal with bugs in general as compared to earlier years. This means that we should gear up to prevent any pest problems that may arise as spring season gets closer. From homes. Offices to commercial establishments, everyone will be affected when more bugs are present in their surroundings if proper care is not taken.

Our expert pest controllers can offer valuable advice when it comes to preparing yourself against insects and bugs. All these pointers will help you make your homes and offices critter proof.

Close off and block openings and holes
One of the most important approaches to keeping your homes and offices critter free is to block off any openings or cracks that you may find around the home. Blocking off any entry points will keep the critters out, helping you keep your home pest free. If nothing, you can always tape off any entry points or block it by putting paper that is taped on holes. Check these taped cracks or holes from time to time to make sure they are not torn or off to let any pests inside.

Rake away the leaves
Leaves and debris can give pests a good nesting spot, especially if it is under your backyard deck or porch. It acts as an insulating soft material that is perfect for parent pest that wants to create a nesting ground. Don’t make it easy for the bugs and rodents by supplying them with leaves to create comfortable nesting areas.

Thorough spring cleaning
Now that the winter is not that intense, it is highly recommended to do a survey around the house and clean up any cozy and dirty corners and holes that have the possibility of becoming their hiding spots. Make sure you check key spots thoroughly while cleaning. Check cramped basements, storage areas, middle of walls that have cracks and crawling spaces that tend to be rodents hiding areas. By cleaning and disinfecting these areas, you will discourage any rodents and pests from infesting your homes.

Check near furnace and dryer vents
One of the places we least go is the area near the furnace and dryer vents. Since these areas are not cleaned on regular basis, and are warm, many pests and rodents like hiding near or around these areas. If possible block off any open spaces around dryer vents after cleaning.

Discourage bird nesting through noise
Bird infestation can be annoying and can become a long term problem if they build a nest around the house. One of the best approaches to prevent bird infestation and create pigeon control is by hanging wind chimes around that will cause noise and deter birds from nesting. Also, hanging shiny objects can be a good idea. It will discourage the birds from nesting on your house roof.

All these ways can help keeping your home free from critters this spring but if you are still unable to keep them in control, hiring professional pest Control Company in Edmonton can go a long way in keeping bugs, insects and rodents out of your homes and keeping your family healthy and safe.